Duplicate Files Finder


Duplicate Files Finder is an application which searches for duplicate files (files which have the same content, but not necessarily the same name) and lets the user remove duplicate files, either by deleting them or by creating links. The search is very fast compared to other similiar programs which use hashing algorithms (see description of the Duplicate Files Finder algorithm).


Supported Platforms

Duplicate Files Finder supports the following platforms:


Reporting Bugs

If you find bugs, report them at the SourceForge tracking system. There you can also post feature requests or patches.


More screenshots you find on the SourceForge screenshots page.

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Choosing the directories to search in and search options

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The results

Description of the Duplicate Files Finder Algorithm

The algorithm is as follows: First, all files are sorted by their size, because files can be only equal, if they have the same size (logically).
Then the files are compared with each other, and thus the equal files are determined. If two files are not equal from a given point on, reading is interrupted; no more has to be read for determining that these files are not equal.
Because of this the results are determined much faster than in programs which use hashing algorithms, for which all files have to be read completely.
Additional caching of the contents of the files additionally improves performance.


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